Armenia’s premier security event

Cybersecurity Conference

18 December, 2022

Call For Papers

Ninth annual information security conference ARMSec 2022 calls for papers for talks and workshops.

We encourage submissions of papers with wide range of information security related topics. Though papers with unique content are most encouraged, we will also be happy to include presentations on well known topics.

We have an option to selectively reimburse travel and lodging expenses for international speakers.

Possible time-slots are:

  • 20 min talk
  • 40 min talk
  • 1 hr talk
  • 2 hr workshop (preferably hands on)
  • 4 hr workshop/training (preferably hands on)

Submission Details

Please send your abstracts to before 15th December, 2022 and include these details in your email.

  • Your name
  • Phone number
  • Title of the talk
  • Abstract
  • Length of the talk (in minutes)


ArmSec conference is an annual international cybersecurity conference aiming at strengthening the cybersecurity community in Armenia and discussing the latest cybersecurity problems. Participants of the conference will be both Armenian and foreign leading specialists. Series of round-table discussions with focus on cybersec problems of Armenia will be held during the conference.
The main topics of the conference are:

  • Armenian cybersecurity community's involvement in the digital transformation of the private sector and e-gov/gov-tech
  • Armenia’s critical infrastructures’ protection from cyber attacks
  • Public awareness of information security issues
  • Cybersecurity inclusion in the educational system
  • Public sharing of information about cyber attacks
  • Ransomware type of attacks on Armenian corporations: possible protection solutions and influences
  • APT type of attacks on Armenian governmental and private organizations
  • Cybersecurity risks and cryptography in blockchain systems.

Looking forward to meeting you all on December 18, 10:00 AM


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